Oh man, what is there to say about knitting your first sweater? Something akin to learning to fly? Okay, a bit much, but still. SO empowering. I really don’t have many knitting projects under my belt but I knew that knitting a sweater was at the top of my list of projects to tackle, so I went for the most simple, straightforward, hand holding approach I could find. Enter Sheep and Stitch’s Everyday Raglan pattern. I don’t know why but I found it really satisfying to see the raglan lines forming while knitting. The things that I had trouble with were:

1.) Picking up stitches for the sleeves. I really didn’t want to stray from the pattern at all so I picked up the number of stitches the pattern told me to, but I ended up with an ugly hole in the armpit :/. I left it because, well, I didn’t know how to fix it after it happened and later on when I read that picking up more stitches could solve it it was too late (well shoot in my opinion it was) to go back.

2.) When all I had left was the neckline bind off and weaving in ends, the excitement level was rull high. I used a regular cast off and then I did it. I FINISHED. Except then I tried to try it on. And I couldn’t fit it over my head. Sad songs ensued. But! I just looked up a stretchy cast off and everything turned out fine! I used Slip Slip Knit’s miraculous elastic bind off.

Next time I do sleeves in the round I think I’ll pay more attention to changing up where I start my needles every few rounds so I don’t have as noticeable of lines running the sleeve length. Also what is up with that previously unnoticed line running down the front of the body? Mmm that’s not cool.

I still haven’t blocked this sweater yet. I’ve never blocked a project (other than a swatch) before so I’m looking forward to being maybe wowed by the before/after. I even ordered a blocking kit from KnitPicks! #birthdaypresenttoself

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