When I first got introduced to the idea of spinning, it wasn’t long before I became totally infatuated with the concept of sheep to shawl, sheep to sweater,  fleece to finished object, wool to warm knitted something or other… I mean how baller would it be to be able to say that you were a part of every step of the process that brought the knitted item you were wearing to reality? Minus the cellular process of actually physically growing the wool, but details, details.

This yarn is the closest I’ve gotten to that experience and I am pretty stinking proud of the outcome. It started out as 8 ounces of unwashed Romney wool I received when I joined the Valley Spinners Guild back in February. I then proceeded to wash the fleece with the help of a 5 gallon home depot bucket and some good old Dawn dish soap. I still have the instructions they gave me sitting around somewhere if anyone’s interested in them. After washing came picking, which basically just means fluffing up the fleece by separating and fanning out the fibers. Then I got to use a drumcarder belonging to the guild for a couple months at the monthly meetings, and then of course came the spinning! I went with a 3 ply yarn. Overall it feels a little crunchy and a little rough. But I think it’s wonderful 🙂 No big plans as to what to use it for yet, I am totally open to suggestions.

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