AROUND HERE… 1/20/17

My new year was off to a rocky start when one of our cats, Gus Gus, had to undergo an exploratory surgery to remove what ended up being a large gift ribbon from his intestines; the little stinker.  He scared the bejeesis out of me but I’m so grateful that he’s doing well now (just took his staples out a couple days ago!). I went down to part time at my job, and started a course on agricultural entrepreneurship and business planning through WSU extension, which has been really useful in making me take a really hard look at what I envision for the farm/business. We went to Leavenworth, which I’ll probably post more on later because it was such a cute town! Toby saw something that can never be unseen; always spinning; and painting baseboards so our house will finally look somewhat like a real home.

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