New year’s day we drove to Leavenworth, WA aka “Little Bavaria” for some change of scenery. Not that we were desperate to get away or anything, we had just come back from visiting my family in Oakland for Christmas, but it’s just nice to take advantage of a day that we both have off together. It really was a super cute town and I think it’d be nice to visit during the summer just to see the contrast.

The day we spent there was bright and lovely and cold. Our drive the evening before, however, was scary (to me at least) due to some pretty heavy snow fall while we wound our way through the mountains in the dark. Zach didn’t seem phased at all by the almost complete lack of visibility, but I was just like “I need to turn off the audiobook, I can’t focus!” and “are you sure we shouldn’t pull over and wait for this to die down??” Anyways we got there fine Sunday night, had some great Mexican food (?) for dinner, and got to see all the Christmas lights that were still up everywhere. ‘Cause who takes lights down before New Year’s anyways?

The next morning we had brunch and spent most of the day visiting all of the shops that sounded interesting to us. I think my favorite was probably The Gingerbread Factory, a cozy little cafe that had fun goodies like star-shaped gingerbread cookies and Nutella hot cocoa. We walked down to a park and admired all the snow and sun by the river and then finished off eating a late lunch at this German restaurant where the host was dressed in suspenders and a feathered hat. All it was missing was some polka music playing in the background.

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