I feel like I’m finally getting into a groove with knitting, like I’m actually getting a decent amount done, and it feels great! I definitely go through phases of actively knitting most days to not knitting for a week or more, but I do try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to spend at least one evening a week on a project. I also knit for about half an hour at work once a week and on daylight car rides when I’m not driving. So now it actually seems like a good idea to put my very loose plans to paper (keyboard) to steer my motivation when I’m coming up to the end of a project and am both excited but also dreading coming up with what to jump to next.

My main thing for this year is that I’m making it a point to always have at least one hand spun knitting project going. I’ll most likely always be working a commercial yarn project as well, because, let’s face it, it’s just a lot easier. But I’ve built up a decent stash of handspun and I need to put it to good use!

My other goal with knitting is to always be learning new skills. I seem to always be drawn to trying a new technique or trying to make an accessory/clothing item that I’ve never made before. I recently finished up my first shawl and I’m currently working on my VERY FIRST handspun knit project, which includes short rows, which I haven’t tried before. Learning short rows is actually a good transition into socks, I think, which is also something I have in progress.

When I first started writing this post I had plans to knit a fair isle hat for my husband and I’s big Europe trip, and I totally finished it! In about a month, which I was really proud of, although I stayed up basically all night working on it the night before we left.

Baby stuffs! Finding a yarn that I liked in appropriate baby colors that is easy care and the right weight for the pattern I chose was a challenge at a local yarn store I went to, but I’m pretty pleased with what I ended up with. But I was dumb and stubborn and refused to get the amount of yarn suggested because I’m a cheapo so I will probably have to go back and hope they have more or order online.

Andrea Mowry’s new pattern in Wool People 11 has got me sooooo excited. It’s called Ronan and it’s everything I want and more. Beautiful all-encompassing flying squirrel-esque cardigan. WITH POCKETS. And it uses brioche, which I’ve been wanting to try. I was just browsing the available colorways for the recommended Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn and came across one called Narwhal. The name itself has got me sold (umm, magical unicorn of the sea anyone?). Although now I’m considering the $159 price tag for 12 skeins and it’s making me rethink. What if I, gasp, spun that? It’s a simple enough pattern that I think a little bit of inconsistency wouldn’t be a bad thing. I may now be on the lookout for a large amount of light grey/white wool.

I’m also looking forward to making my very own icelandic sweater, I came back with 12 skeins of Istex Alafoss Lopi yarn and I’m thinking about either St. Brendan by Courtney Kelley, or the Hela Short Cardigan by Vedis Jonsdottir.

Annnnd that’s about the extent of my planning actually. That could very well be all I can accomplish this year though, so that’s cool. What’s next on your to-knit list?

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