So about a month ago I took the leap and started listing in my Etsy shop, Curl Creature Fiber Co. It’s been my intention to open an Etsy shop for several years, but there were a million reasons I kept myself from doing so:

I’ve only been spinning yarn for a short amount of time, why should anyone buy my stuff?

I don’t have a large enough inventory.

I don’t have the marketing skills to sell.

I haven’t solidified a cohesive brand identity for my company. 

Just a few of the many doubts in my head. But the truth of the matter is, we all have to start somewhere, right? As much as it feels like some people have every detail figured out from the get go, I deep down know that those folks are just further along in their journey than I am. So I’m taking a little space to list some of the things I’m proud of about my shop:

  • My logo is so me. It’s hand drawn by me, for one, and I am by no means an artist in the drawing sense. But it represents me and how I want to build connection with the source of the yarn, the animals the fiber comes from.
  • My yarn is also so me. I want to offer yarn that I really love and would use myself and I feel totally confident that I nailed this because I truly love all of the yarn that I’ve listed ;). I also put a lot of care and time into spinning each skein and am proud of the finished product for each of them.
  • My product photos are consistent. I realize how important product photography is. When I’m browsing Etsy, I won’t even click on items that are poorly photographed. That being said, I know my photos are far from professional, but I do think they are a really good start for my skill level. It’s definitely an area I’m looking forward to progressing big time in.
  • It exists. I can’t make sales if I don’t have a shop or items to sell, so I know I’m on the right path, and I’m proud of myself for taking such a huge step towards achieving my goals!

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